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Securing Your WordPress Site

By |22 February 2021|Web Hosting, WordPress|

How to protect WordPress effectively: a must-do list A must-do list to get high-security and durable protection for your website. To get the most out of Cerber’s security algorithms, your should configure all the settings below. Do this thoughtfully because some settings may conflict with another plugin or your web server settings. In case of any problem, check the Activity ...

How to move WordPress from One Domain to Another Domain

By |4 January 2019|Web Hosting, WordPress|

Wordpress has two parts the files and the database. 1. To backup the Wordpress files go to your host, use Cpanel and go to File Manager usually in the public_html directory is the root of your site and select all files, right click to compress into a .zip file. 2. Then download the .zip file via File Manager.  Filemanager in ...

Why Use Dedicated Application Pools in IIS

By |9 May 2014|Web Hosting|

Application pools in IIS isolate applications from each other, so if one application or web site goes does or locks for whatever reason it does not take all other sites with it.  Different application pools can also have different .NET, security or other settings specific to that application. The main disadvantage of Application pools is the extra memory required to ...

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