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Javascript Coding

By |26 August 2019|Coding|

Many years or even decades before HTML 5 was released in 2015 (v5.2 released Dec 2017) browsers were not standardised. JQuery was developed to help standardise features across different browser types. Now browsers are more standardised libraries like Jquery are less necessary. Frameworks and libraries come and go but may be useful for some features on specific projects. The Javascript ...

Coding for Kids that is Educational and Entertaining

By |12 July 2017|Coding|

Most coding for kids apps fail to maintain the child's and parents interest beyond the first 45 minute session.  This is because there are only so many loops and steps you can take before it gets a bit boring.  This is where gamification of coding helps. Grasshopper from Google   One example of gamificiation of  learning to code for ...

Coding, Testing & Web Tools

By |15 September 2015|Coding|

Web Site Speed Tools from Wordfence, test multiple global locations with one test and subscribe Server Tools Leaf DNS DNS Setup check other domains on same IP address, traceroute, ping and more SSL setup checker Why No Padlock which parts are not SSL secure on a page SEO Hacks Search for image url eg the authors head ...

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