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Securing Your WordPress Site

By |22 February 2021|Web Hosting, WordPress|

How to protect WordPress effectively: a must-do list A must-do list to get high-security and durable protection for your website. To get the most out of Cerber’s security algorithms, your should configure all the settings below. Do this thoughtfully because some settings may conflict with another plugin or your web server settings. In case of any problem, check the Activity ...

How to move WordPress from One Domain to Another Domain

By |4 January 2019|Web Hosting, WordPress|

Wordpress has two parts the files and the database. 1. To backup the Wordpress files go to your host, use Cpanel and go to File Manager usually in the public_html directory is the root of your site and select all files, right click to compress into a .zip file. 2. Then download the .zip file via File Manager.  Filemanager in ...

14 Recommended WordPress Plugins

By |1 October 2017|Internet tools, WordPress|

Tried and tested WordPress plugins. A note on performance, to enable compression go to cPanel / Optimise Website and enable compression for all all content.  Test this with Google Page Speed to see if it's effective in improving performance for your site. 1. Health Check From a great plugin to check the overall health of your site.  It enables ...

How to add Google+ comment system to your blog

By |1 February 2014|WordPress|

With Google+ and other social sharing (Twitter and Facebook) increasingly becoming a significant search ranking factor sharing comments on your blog posts using the Google+ comment system sound like a good plan. FAQs about the Google comment system What about spam?  Well like most things Google, don't worry about it, they filter most of the spam comments for you or ...

WordPress Setup on Plesk

By |8 September 2013|WordPress|

I don’t do this frequently enough to remember the steps of how to setup a new Word Press site: - Setup domain on Plesk with PHP enabled - Setup FTP for domain - Upload latest wordpress version to site - Update myphpadmin with new user and create database with same user with privledges at same time (on local host) - ...

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