Written by: Matthew L

August 3 2021

4 services are required website and email services to work:
1. A registered domain name
2. Domain name service (DNS)
3. Email service (often cloud based eg Microsoft 365 or Google Gsuite)
4. Website
1. Domain Name
The domain name .com.au is registered every 2 years.  Under Auda rules .com.au domain names must be a ‘close and substantial connection’ to the business.  The highest form of domain name protection is an exact trademark word of the domain name, the next best is a business name.
Its not ideal to have your domain name registered in the personal name of an owner (unless the business name matches the owners name) its recommended that a trademark or business name is secured in the same name as the domain name to reduce the risk of any challenges to the domain name.
2. DNS 
The Domain Name Service is often run on the server that hosts the website.
There are backup DNS available eg ultraDNS, however if the website is down it’s often the server so website and DNS being on one server is not a big risk.  There is no point having redundant DNS unless the website itself also has redundancy or a second live site ready to go which is costly.
Services such as Cloudflare offer free worldwide DNS services which are fast and secure.
3. Email
Its good to have primary email backed up to redirected accounts.
Its recommended that a cloud based Gmail account be setup to forward all email to as a backup.  Initially this can be a free gmail account which comes with a stardard 15GB storage which is ample for many years of email.
Cloud email services are a good for Spam filtering and management of email (and files).  Using Gmail as the default email would be a recommended option.
4. Website
WordPress comprises files and database (files are PHP files and database type is MySQL)
Backup of all wordpress files and db is recommended to an alternative cloud provider eg if your host is on Google cloud backup to AWS.
Off cloud backups, that’s right old school backup to your computer or a portable disk are probably wise to take once a year on slow moving sites or monthly on more rapidly changing sites.

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