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Language SEO

By |20 May 2021|Search Marketing SEO SEM|

A good WordPress language translator as recommend by Neil Patel is Transposh the plugin is about 5 years old and has many revisions Mandarin and Spanish are the worlds most popular languages with English 3rd Getting the new pages into your sitemap French version /fr/ Hindi version /hi/ Example language SEO from header on the arabic version - notice ...

Google Analytics SEO Hacks

By |12 February 2018|Analytics, Search Marketing SEO SEM|

Nervous about the level of organic search traffic to your site?  Is it growing or is it declining?  Are your content marketing strategies working?! You can answer this by setting up a custom alert in Google Analytics that lets you know when there is a dramatic change in traffic from any source including organic search.  In Google Analytics under admin ...

Content, Links and Search Ranking tips 2016 – 2020

By |21 January 2016|Keyword Research and Ideas, Search Marketing SEO SEM|

Search ranking factors 2016 from Brian Dean of Backlinko - Ahrefs domain authority is a good indicator of ranking.  Links work, https has an influence, schema markup language doesn't matter much.  Site speed definitely helps ranking, title don't matter much sticking to one topic and writing a lot about it helps (long form 1,800 characters on average in position #1). ...

Search Marketing Checklist

By |28 August 2014|Search Marketing SEO SEM| - First to mention Penguin update in August 2014 although it turned out to be a Panda 4.1 update on 25th September see Search Engine Land Google Penguin 3.0 from Search Engine Watch Site Penalty Risks from Quick Sprout Unnatural links and Penguin recovery Cognitive SEO Link building from Buzzstream 50 reasons a site is penalised - don't panic it ...

On Page SEO

By |3 July 2014|Search Marketing SEO SEM|

Best practises for URLs from 2006 but still relevant It's all about "organising the worlds information" for Google so they can feed us the most relevant ads!  Just a tad cynical there

Simple SEO Method

By |23 May 2014|Search Marketing SEO SEM|

Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Keywords tip:  Google is using the default location of the searcher even if searcher did not include a location explicitly in the search.  For example a non-location specific search like 'hotels near me' would of return a list of hotel options in Sydney if you are located in Sydney at the time ...

Verifying Significant Sections of Your Site for Webmaster Tools

By |31 October 2013|Google Webmaster Tools, Search Marketing SEO SEM|

Here Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) states that you should verify each significant section of your site and if you have  http:// and https:// versions, you should add each as a separate site. You cannot submit a file to GWT like it has to be a folder (doesn't that potentially create some canonicalisation issues?) Webmaster Tools data and reporting work ...

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