Written by: Matthew L

May 23 2014

May 23 2014

Written by: Matthew L

Keywords tip:  Google is using the default location of the searcher even if searcher did not include a location explicitly in the search.  For example a non-location specific search like ‘hotels near me’ would of return a list of hotel options in Sydney if you are located in Sydney at the time you did the search.

Basic SEO strategy:

– Go through competitors links and see what types of links they have.

– What type of content they are posting to their blog

– Cleaning up low quality links, its got to be a good link otherwise remove it

– Cleaning up content, quality content or remove it

– Links need to have brand name or url not keyword (which also means there are now more opportunities for link building with brand name only rather than trying to stuff keywords into links)

– Content may not be as important for SEO

– Social media doesn’t yet play a big role in rankings but can help promote your content and then drive links (magically!)

Step 1 – Conduct audit of top ranked competitors, audit backlinks for top value keyword, find out which type of links work best for your market

Step 2 – Look for content strategies

Step 3 – Clean up your backlinks – go through every single one of the backlinks and ask to be removed or disavow them

Step 4 – Optimise web site (title, meta tags focused on links), Internal linking is good, remove duplicate content, improve site speed, add analytics and conversion tracking.

Step 5 – Use the SEO strategy that works best for your market.

Find link acquisition based upon what works for top ranking competitors

Getting links too quickly can be bad

Promote content through social media (again magically get links from social? yeah right?!)

Review new competitors on the scene to see how they got there

A site needs authority to rank on the top of Google

Once your have authority you can expand your keyword set easily by focusing title, headings etc on a particular keyword

Why it works…

1. We start by auditing your top ranked competitors to identify the tactics that work best in your industry

2. Remove low quality links and content from your site (can inhibit ranking)
3. Implement high quality link building and content building that Google is looking for in your market (worked out from what does work for top competitors now see 1 above)

There was an interesting hotel price ads study where Google was taking 16% of the total revenue generated as Ad revenue.  This is before ad management costs, so lets say at least 20% costs for running the Ad.  The issue is 20% of revenue is a large margin, I doubt any one else in the hotel sales chain is making 20% margin on the booking, including the hotel.  The answer to this issue is buy Google shares!

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