Written by: Matthew L

September 14 2015

SEO Resources for your site and your competitors web sites

Once you get something written in English (or whatever language) and it actually has a well defined theme and contains useful facts, that’s the content part done – then its all about links.

  • Keyword research
  • External and internal backlinks
  • Search rankings by keyword
  • Overall search visibility
  • Pay per click (PPC) keyword expenditure

Good SEO resources

When requesting links:
No real need to ask for specific anchor text – as long as landing pages are optimized properly – the anchor text would basically write itself. Use brand name keywords or URL keywords and some generic keywords like “here”, “click here”
If you own the rights to the images on your website you can also look for websites using your images without proper attribution and ask for a link as a form of payment.

Link Building

Search Engine Watch Link Building 404 Pages Link Reclamation
Finding links to pages which no longer exist and throw 404 errors or not found errors
Links which go to pages on your own site that no longer exist (and show a 404 error) could possibly be 301 redirected to a relevant active page (which shows a 200 response)
Links which go to other sites, such as competitor sites which throw 404 errors are opportunities to get a link to your own site by telling that web master that they are pointing links to pages that no longer exist and asking for a link to a relevant page on your own site.
Step 1 is use Open Site Explorer or MajesticSEO or Ahrefs to find a list of top linked pages.  Within that list they may show links which go to 404 pages.
Grab the list of URLs which no longer exist on the competitor site, first check they are in fact 404 errors and where they go (OSE, Majestic and Ahrefs are not perfect databases of links and its worth checking the info) and then enter them individually back into OSE to see which sites point to the pages which are no longer there.
Then use a tool like Buzzstream to ‘reach out’ or send an email to those web masters, tell them about the link to the page that is no longer there and ask for a link to your site.

Pay Per Click PPC

10 common adwords mistakes – or without the blog title optimisation 10 things to check you are doing on your Adwords account

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