Written by: Matthew L

May 3 2021

Wix Domain Name Services (DNS) are Restricted to Wix Sites Only

Wix does allow domain name management but only to register a domain name and point your domain name to a Wix website on Wix servers.

Wix does not allow DNS management to point your domain to another web server for your new website eg a WordPress website.

Wix does allow you to access the auth code or EPP code for the domain name. If Wix is the registrar the DNS is set to Wix’s own DNS servers and this cannot be changed.

How to Transfer Your Domain Name Away from Wix

In Wix under Domains / Advanced you will see “NS (Name Servers) NS records are not editable “

In the Wix article on transferring away from Wix they mention under My Domains / Advanced that there is a link to “Transfer away from Wix”.

Sometimes the transfer away from Wix option may not exist. The reason for this is that Wix is not acting your registrar for the domains. There is an another registrar managing the DNS for domain and is pointing the domain to Wix.

“Transfer away from Wix” starts the process of transferring the registrar for the domain name.

To see who your domain registrar is start with a whois query for example, www.whois.com/whois/your-domain.com.

Alternative Domain Name Services (DNS)

Once you have the registrar details you can login to the registrar to change the name servers (NS) records to point to your new web site.

Once your domain is with a new registrar you can set the Domain Name Services (DNS), the web site (A record and www) and mail services (MX records) to wherever you choose.

Public DNS systems are available such as Google’s public DNS. However another freemium DNS service would be Cloudflares DNS which also enables use of CDN if you wish.

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