A course from ClickMinded using Alexa tools, I can’t help think you could use Google searches for most of this


Gareth Hoyle – Low Cost Link building

Google, Linkedin, the telephone.

Spy on competitors – MajesticSEO, Ahrefs

allmytweets, see all of a persons tweets and find email contacts

Free directories.  Yell.com, supplier directories, alumni directories, staff discount.

Seed sites for infographics – Reddit and Quora

https://www.dux-soup.com/ – lead generation for LinkedIn, and getting your content in front of the right audience, and why not ask for a link?

http://www.scrapebox.com/ – produce keywords, comment poster, link checker

https://mailshake.com/pricing/ – automated telemarking style emailing!

Creating stuff people link to https://ahrefs.com/blog/linkable-assets/

Monitor bad backlinks https://moz.com/blog/bad-backlink-analysis-using-moz-link-explorer

From SEMRush look at indexed pages report and sort by highest number of backlinks to see content that people are likely to link to the most


Allocate SEO budget

Authoratative links, content, UX

1/3 each content, links, technical optimisation

links and domain authority before content and technical optimisation

content team, strategy and timetable

underperforming page optimise


search is inbound marketing is qualified customers.  Monthly recurring traffic, stable, consistent, predictable.

Reverse engineer from goals to search strategy

SEO is an investment based marketing channel – takes time.  The highest ROI of SEO is long term.

Paid channels quick to see traffic and results.

  1. Authoratative backlinks
  2. Optimisation (keyword research)
  3. Content (helpful, long form. high quality)
  4. UX
  5. Technical – site speed, architecture

Focus on long term for ROI from SEO.

SEO experiments have long life cycle

High volume, low conversion rate traffic, could be re-marketed to

Research for backlinks, partners

Content and outreach, outreach plus to scale outreach

What matters to the client.  Traffic, conversions from organic vs PPC visitors. SEM Rush reporting suite