Language SEO

Language SEO

A good WordPress language translator as recommend by Neil Patel is Transposh click here.

Mandarin and Spanish are the worlds most popular languages with English 3rd

Getting the new pages into your sitemap

French version /fr/

Hindi version /hi/

Example language SEO from header on the arabic version – notice all versions of English are specified en, en-sg, en-au, en-ca etc.

<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”enhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-sghref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-auhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”idhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-inhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-myhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-phhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-cahref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-gbhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-iehref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”en-nzhref=”” />
<link rel=”alternatehreflang=”enhref=”” />