Written by: Matthew L

December 11 2013

In December 2013 HomeAway spent USD$198M on Stayz group from Fairfax Digital.

Stayz generated AUD$25.4M in revenue to June 2013 with 40 staff and claims to generate 550,000 unique monthly visitors to its Stayz, Rentahome, TakeaBreak and YesBookit sites.

33,000 properties are listed with Stayz, generating 430,000 room nights.
Some ratios:

  • The average room nights per property (or per negatively geared holiday house) is 13 nights
  • HomeAway paid 8.5 times revenue for the Stayz business or 16.8 times 2013 earnings
  • The average visitor to the Stayz sites is worth $3.81 in revenue
  • The average revenue per room night is $57

The last ratio doesn’t make a lot of sense, if the holiday home owners are getting an average of say $200 per night that represents close to 30% commission or at $300 per night it represents 20% commission to Stayz.  If all you want is 13 nights to prove to the taxman that its income generating then maybe 30% sounds fair because you don’t really care!

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