Shelley C

Using Google Analytics to Drive Your Business Goals

By |4 September 2021|Analytics, Internet tools|

Few businesses today can experience genuine success without a robust online presence, and your website is central to it all. Most websites have a primary goal, whether it's generating leads, providing topical information, answering customer queries, building a brand, fostering long-term business relationships, or generating that all-important revenue through sales. This article will look at how best to define your ...

13 Steps To Improve Your Email Marketing

By |4 May 2018|Email marketing|

Design your email for mobile because more than half of everyone who reads it will probably read it on a mobile device. Subject lines with less than 10 characters work best and beyond 60-70 characters you are wasting your time (that is about one third of an SMS). Do you want to boost clicks (response) or opens (awareness)? Go long ...

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