Written by: Shelley C

May 4 2018

  1. Design your email for mobile because more than half of everyone who reads it will probably read it on a mobile device.
  2. Subject lines with less than 10 characters work best and beyond 60-70 characters you are wasting your time (that is about one third of an SMS). Do you want to boost clicks (response) or opens (awareness)? Go long for a longer subject line for click throughs; keep a shorter subject line for higher open rate.   Other things to test, Ask a question, add an emoji, start with Re: and if you can mention the readers name.
  3. 8pm to midnight is when customers are likely to get your message or maybe even read your email possibly because email volume is lower or possibly because TV is so crap or TV might be so good and they are watching TV with their iPad.
  4. Re-engage the 65% of people in your list who really don’t read your email, you have about 90 days from their first sign up to really get them on board or you will have to try again later.
  5. Offer free stuff in your email
  6. Email is still better than Facebook and Twitter
  7. You can get slightly better open and click through results on the weekend
  8. Don’t personalise unless you mean it, for example get the customers name right – ie not Dear MatthewL but Dear Matthew – use clean data or don’t use it at all as its probably damaging to your relationship with that customer
  9. Extras – Try a ‘Read this in your browser’ top right link
  10. Use your real name in sender name and include your brand name from your brand email address @brand.com
  11. Layout for different emails
    • Announcements: simple plain text
    • Bog post notification: include image, headline and call to action
    • Newsletters: personalisation and images
    • Promotions: content showing urgency, product image, call to action that highlights scarcity
  12. Email content should be written for someone who is skim reading for facts.  Use short sentences, short paragraphs, images between content, bullet points and a clear call to action.
  13. Email footer should include an unsubscribe link, any social media account links for sharing, company address and achievements.

Source: blog.bufferapp.com

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